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  • Obama nominee McDonald pledges to 'transform' VA

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's choice to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs pledged Tuesday to transform the beleaguered agency, saying that "systematic failures" must be addressed.

  • Ohio woman has long road ahead after rock attack

    DANVILLE, Pa. (AP) — Doctors had a simple goal when they first saw how a football-size rock thrown from an interstate overpass in Pennsylvania had shattered Sharon Budd's skull — to keep her alive.

  • California firm issues nationwide fruit recall

    CUTLER, Calif. (AP) — A Central California company is recalling specific lots of its fresh peaches, plums, nectarines and pluots sold nationwide over concerns of possible listeria contamination.

  • HIV pills show more promise to prevent infection

    There is more good news about HIV treatment pills used to prevent infection in people at high risk of getting the AIDS virus: Follow-up from a landmark study that proved the drug works now shows that it does not encourage risky sex and is effective even if people skip some doses.


Government drafting birth control accommodation

The Obama administration is developing a new way for religious nonprofits that object to paying for contraceptives in their health plans to opt out, without submitting a form they say violates their religious beliefs.

Unions ending forced-dues collection of home healthcare workers

The Supreme Court ruling that freed home healthcare workers from coercive unionization in Illinois has led to unions ceasing automatic deduction of union dues from non-members in other states.

Iowa county’s voter rolls filled with deceased residents

Betty Ellis doesn’t know why 100 dead people were registered to vote in Wright County.

New health exchange boss in New Mexico survived controversy in Idaho

The New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange has hired a new executive director who received positive recommendations for running the exchange in Idaho, despite controversy over a no-bid contract that was granted and then rescinded last fall.

Investigators obtain ObamaCare coverage, subsidies using fake identities

Undercover government investigators were able to obtain thousands of dollars in taxpayer subsidies under ObamaCare using fake identities, according to findings being presented to Congress on Wednesday.





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