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  • House set to take up $17B VA overhaul bill

    WASHINGTON (AP) — With a new Veterans Affairs secretary in place and an August recess looming, Congress is likely to move quickly to approve a compromise bill to refurbish the VA and improve veterans' health care.

  • 5 food writers subpoenaed in 'pink slime' lawsuit

    SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — Several food writers, including a New York Times reporter, have been subpoenaed by a meat producer as part of its $1.2 billion defamation lawsuit against ABC in regards to the network's coverage of a beef product dubbed "pink slime" by critics.

  • $1,000 Sovaldi now hepatitis treatment of choice

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The price is sky-high, but so is demand. A new $1,000-per-pill drug has become the treatment of choice for Americans with hepatitis C, a liver-wasting disease that affects more than 3 million.

  • Generation of tanners see spike in deadly melanoma

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Stop sunbathing and using indoor tanning beds, the acting U.S. surgeon general warned in a report released Tuesday that cites an alarming 200 percent jump in deadly melanoma cases since 1973.


US economy grew at strong 4 percent rate in spring

After a dismal winter, the U.S. economy sprang back to life in the April-June quarter, growing at a fast 4 percent annual rate on the strength of higher consumer and business spending.

Washington state council approves controversial 'In God We Trust' plaque

After hours of heated debate on Tuesday, Washington state’s Pierce County Council voted to display the national motto “In God We Trust” in its chambers.

Congress races to tackle VA, border crisis and more before recess

That sound you hear is the buzz of Congress actually trying to get something done.

F-35 fighter jet: Most expensive weapons program ever

A new analysis of the F-35 fighter jet shows it’s not only the most expensive warplane ever. Once the engines are added, it’s also the most expensive weapons program in history.

Philly schools could soon be ‘one-stop location’ for government handouts

Instead of the welfare office and City Hall, Philadelphia residents may soon be lining up at schools to apply for government benefits.





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  • NCAA Settles Head-Injury Suit

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