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Clinton charity donors surge amid Hillary Clinton's campaign

A new list of donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation shows a marked surge in donations and the numbers of contributors to the family charity in the first half of this year -- at the same time that Hillary Rodham Clinton ramped up her campaign for the presidency.

In Miami, Clinton set to call for lifting Cuba embargo

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected Friday to urge Congress to lift the trade embargo on Cuba.

Trashing Trump: Why the pundits are now eating their words

For a deep dive on how the mainstream media have utterly mishandled Donald Trump’s candidacy, there is no better place to start than Chris Cillizza.

Walker super PAC reportedly secures $5M donation from TD Ameritrade founder Ricketts

A super PAC backing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's presidential campaign reportedly has received a $5 million from TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts and his wife. 

White ex-DC official sues city, claims he was called 'cracker' and fired over race

A former District of Columbia official brought in to help straighten out mismanagement at the Department of Public Works is suing the city, claiming he was harassed, intimidated and then fired for being white.





  • Ford F-150 Crash Tests Produce Mixed Results

    New tests are in on the redesign of the most popular vehicle in the country… And there might be cause for concern for some owners. FOX News Radio’s Chris Hoenig reports: Download audio file (FORDCRASHTEST_073015.mp3) Ford swapped traditional steel frames for lighter, … [visit site to read more]

  • Could New Debris Be Part Of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight?

    Is it finally an answer grieving families have wanted for more than a year since a Malaysia airlines plane disappeared? Debris has washed ashore. FOX News Radio’s Simon Owen reports: Download audio file (MH370_073015.mp3) Crusted with … [visit site to read more]

  • Outrage Over Cecil The Lion Killing

    A big-game hunter becomes the hunted after killing a famous lion. FOX News Radio’s Steve Rappoport has the story.   Download audio file (CECIL_73015.mp3) Police in Zimbabwe continue the search for Walter James Palmer, the American dentist who killed a protected … [visit site to read more]

  • Huckabee: If The Media Followed Me As Closely As Trump I’d Be Leading

    Mike Huckabee ignited a firestorm this week when he criticized the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran. His remarks stating that President Obama’s actions would march Israeli’s “to the door of the oven” proved to be the quote of the week. As presidential contenders lined up to either defend or take a swing at the former Arkansas governor. Join FOX News Radio’s Jason Bonewald with this edition of The Balance of Power Download audio file (:Nocode)

  • AFMW: Legendary Country Duo The Bellamy Brothers

    FOX News Radio’s Michelle Pollino spends “A Few Moments With…” famed country music duo The Bellamy Brothers, Howard and David Bellamy. The Bellamy Brothers sit down to talk about their partnership with Susan G. Komen, the World’s Largest Breast Cancer Organization, to promote breast cancer awareness – in a National Campaign called the “Let Your Flow Flow” campaign. For Each iTunes Download of the Bellamy’s latest album “40 Years,” the duo will Donate $1 to Komen. They even shot a … [visit site to read more]