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  • NYC tries to ease Ebola fear after doctor infected

    NEW YORK (AP) — Officials tried to tamp down New Yorkers' fears Friday after a doctor was diagnosed with Ebola in a city where millions of people squeeze into crowded subways, buses and elevators every day.

  • Federal officials: Dallas nurse free of Ebola

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The first nurse diagnosed with Ebola after treating an infected man at a Dallas hospital is free of the virus.

  • WHO: Millions of Ebola vaccine doses ready in 2015

    LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization says millions of doses of two experimental Ebola vaccines could be ready for use in 2015 and five more experimental vaccines will start being tested in March.

  • Aid group: Ebola contagion risk can't be zero

    CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) — Despite stringent infection-control measures, the risk of Ebola's spread cannot be entirely eliminated, Doctors Without Borders said Friday after one of its doctors caught the dreaded disease while working in Guinea and went to New York City.


Michelle Obama apparently mixes up Colorado Senate candidates at campaign event

Obama spoke in Denver Thursday as part of a campaign event for Udall, who is engaged in a heated battle with his Republican opponent Rep. Cory Gardner.

‘My house is not for sale’: Indiana residents fight city’s home-seizure plan

Indiana residents are fighting to save their homes as their local government weighs a sweeping plan to demolish them to make way for new development, in a case critics are calling a “poster child” for the abuse of so-called eminent domain powers.

Government agency fights $23,000 city tax bill

Dozens of property and business owners seethed when the city of St. Paul handed out $2.3 million in assessments for street improvements on the Green Line light rail construction project.

Weight of the world crushes Dem strategy

Tied to Obama, vulnerable Dems' midterm plan to keep it local crumbling under world issues. 

Oregon GOP gubernatorial candidate presses for investigation into current gov's pay to play-type scandal

Oregon’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson is calling for the resignation of the state’s current Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber.